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Communications: Ethernet Test System Doesn't Blink At 10-Gbit/s Data Rates

A rugged, field-portable 10-Gbit Ethernet tester offers the tools necessary to install, commission, and troubleshoot high-speed networks. For field technicians, the CMA 5000 Multi-layer Test Platform enables network installation and commissioning by performing automated RFC testing, including Throughput, Frame Loss, and Latency at full 10-Gbit/s Ethernet line rates. The unit can also conduct bit-error-rate testing for transparent local-area network (TLAN) services. For troubleshooting, it provides global statistics, capture, and decode capability along with protocol analysis. In the lab, the system supports compliance testing by generating multiple streams of traffic along with full capture and decoding of the streams. Users can set important parameters, including—but not limited to—IP addresses, MAC addresses, and virtual local-area network (VLAN) tags.

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