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Communications: Wireless Test System Scans Up To 2000 Channels/s

The instrument-grade, high-speed Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network (iDEN) Scanner for cellular radiophones can scan up to 2000 channels/s. A proprietary algorithm offers fast, accurate measurement of iDEN signal strength, and a USB interface allows for simple connectivity and operation. It's available either as a plug-in module or with a chassis containing GPS and dead reckoning. The iDEN Scanner is fully compatible with the Seven-Five chassis. High accuracy is attained with wide dynamic range on even and odd channels for both Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) low and high bands. In addition, there's software-controlled load balancing for multiple units and a low noise floor with high adjacent channel rejection to support variable scan rates. The iDEN Scanner starts at $13,000, with availability in four to six weeks.

Comarco Wireless Test Solutions
(949) 599-7587

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