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Control, Analysis Software Connects Instruments To PCs Via USB

Specifically designed for the DPO4000 scopes and AFG3000 waveform generators, NI SignalExpress Tektronix Edition is an interactive software package that lets users acquire, analyze, and document measurements via their PCs without programming. The software permits direct plug-and-play connection of the PC to the Tektronix Instruments through USB.

With one mouse click, users can configure the instrument communication and access a live view of the waveform data or generated signals. Users also can perform more than 200 measurement, processing, analysis, and reporting functions on the live data (see the figure). SignalExpress supplies automated sweeping and limit testing features. An intuitive drag-and-drop configuration environment makes accessing these capabilities fast and easy.

The Base version of SignalExpress Tektronix Edition ships with the DPO4000 scopes. Engineers can upgrade to the Professional version for advanced signal processing, analysis, documentation, and connectivity to more than 300 standalone and modular benchtop instruments for $995.

National Instruments

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