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Cost-Conscious LCR Meter Delivers 0.02% Accuracy

Challenging comparable high-end instruments, the Model Z9218 LCR meter provides component-measurement rates at speeds up to 12 times per second and specifies a 0.02% basic accuracy. Its backlit LCD handles graphics at a resolution of 320 x 240. The instrument measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance in series and parallel with 500 test frequencies from 12 Hz to 100 KHz, provides measurement averaging from 1 to 255, open- and short-circuit compensation for accurate zeroing, binning, and pass/fail indication. Specifications include a 0.02 % accuracy at 23°C ±°5C, resistance parameter of R + Q and a 10 microOhm to 100 MegaOhms range, inductance parameter of L + Q with a 0.01 µH to 99.999H range, and a capacitance parameter of C + D and C + R with 0.00001 pF to 99.999 µF range. Price is$1,796. PROTEK TEST AND MEASUREMENT, Englewood, NJ. (201) 227-1161.


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