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Current Switches Indicate On/Off

For applications that require on/off indication of current flow, CR9321 switch is fully isolated to protect delicate monitoring equipment. This current switch is self-powered and requires to external power supply. The low turn-on point is 0.350A ac for monitoring very small electrical loads. Current levels above this point will turn the internal NPN or PNP transistor or the solid-state ac triac to a full ON status. A current carrying wire is routed through the window opening of the current switch, requiring no splices or electrical connections. Positioning is accomplished using a plastic tie or looping the wire through the center of the switch. Dimensions are 1.5" x 1" x 0.75", and the switch accepts up to one 8 AWG wire through its center opening of 0.270" diameter. Two 22 AWG leads of 12" long are supplied for connection to instrumentation.


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