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Customizable Laser-Diode Characterizer Cuts Cost And Time

The Keithley System 25, a fully customizable test system for the light-current-voltage (LIV) characterization of laser diodes and assembled laser-diode modules (LDMs), lets users choose only the features and performance they need for testing. It also cuts the time and cost of integrating measurement components into a production test system while offering high-end speed and measurement precision.

The unit provides up to 5 A of laser drive current, precision voltage measurements, two channels of photodetection, selectable photodiode detector types, an optional laser-diode mount, and up to two temperature controllers for laser cooling, all in an easy to assemble kit. It eliminates the need to purchase system components separately, which may include a source-measure unit, temperature controller, integrating sphere, photodiode detector, current meter, laser-diode mount, cabling, and ancillary hardware.

The System 25 offers lots of flexibility. Users can specify a system in any of 144 combinations that use Keithley 2400 SourceMeter instruments, 2502 fiber-alignment photodiode meters, 2510-AT auto-tuning TEC controllers, 2500INT integrating spheres, and 85xx laser-diode mounts. Customized variations of System 25 are also available.

Pricing starts at $8500 per system. Shipments are available in four weeks.

Keithley Instruments, Optoelectronic Test Solutions
(888) 534-8453 or (440) 248-0400

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