Electronic Design

DAQ System Features Up To 128 Channels

Providing as many as 128 channels worth of USB multifunction analog I/O and signal conditioning, the DAQ-PACK Series integrated multifunction data acquisition and control system performs signal conditioning such as RC filtering, current inputs, RTD measurement, bridge completion, thermocouple break detection, voltage dividers, small signal inputs, and sensor excitation voltage supply. Sustained sampling speeds up to 500 kHz are available for 32, 64, 96, or 128 single-ended or differential analog inputs. Groups of eight channels at a time can be independently software configured to accept different input ranges. Also, a real-time internal calibration system allows the unit to compensate for offset/gain errors. Additional features include two 16-bit analog outputs, 16 high-current digital I/O lines, and a programmable 16-bit counter. Depending on model, prices start at $872 and includes enclosure, power supply, and USB cable. ACCES I/O PRODUCTS INC., San Diego, CA. (800) 326-1649.


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