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Data Acquisition Squeezes Into One Package

The Cougar series of multi-channel data-acquisition systems has welcomed two models: Cougar3400-4 and Cougar3400-2. Using 12-b, 400-MSample/s waveform digitizer technology, each model provides a complete, flexible, and accurate solution in a single package. Both systems are significantly faster and more efficient than conventional standalone instrumentation. These characteristics contribute to their greatly reduced test times in production test and lab environments. Both products also are ideal for challenging measurement applications. Here, high dynamic range and low measurement error are essential. Examples include radar and I/Q demodulation applications.

The Cougar series includes a modular digitizer package, which is housed in a compact, 342-×-346-×-106-mm 6U CompactPCI three-slot crate. It also includes a 100-MBps interface that connects to any PCI slot of a Pentium-based PC. In addition, the series flaunts one or more 12-b CompactPCI digitizer cards and powerful software drivers.

At the heart of the Cougar series is the DC440 dual-channel waveform digitizer card. This card is designed to perform precise measurements on signals of up to 300 MHz. The 3400-2 product comes with one DC440 for dual-channel recording, while the 3400-4 offering has two DC440s for quad-channel applications. Users can even configure the larger CompactPCI crates for applications that require more channels.

Each channel of the DC440 features a 12-b digitizer that samples signals at rates up to 400 MSamples/s. It stores the data in up to 4 Mpoints of acquisition memory. The 3400-4 and 3400-2 boast a signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio of 65 dB, a spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of greater than 80 dB, and a very low noise floor spectrum of −90 dB. In addition, the products are equipped with a unique time-base system featuring greater than +/−2-ppm precision. With a high-resolution sampling-rate (HRes SR) capability, clocking of the digitizers offers granularity down to 0.25% of any selected sampling rate and 500 KSamples/s at the 200-to-400-MSample/s range. All four channels of the Cougar3400-4 can be locked together, enabling accurate cross-channel measurements like skew, phase shift, and jitter.

These products are now available. Pricing for the Cougar3400-2 starts at $17,900. The fast, simple installation and operation of both Cougar3400 models are possible with Acqiris software. The systems run under Windows, Linux, or VxWorks. With auto-install routines and automatic hardware detection, users can set up the acquisition system in a few minutes.

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