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Data Recorder Employs ICP Sensor Technology

The SIR-1000i digital-data recorder incorporates ICP sensor technology, a term describing PCB Peizotronics' piezoelectric sensors with a built-in microelectronic amplifier. A piezo-resistive element with a built-in amplifier creates a low-impedance voltage signal that is proportional to any displacement of the element resulting from vibration, force or pressure. The current source for the element is derived from the input of the data recorder. Using ICP facilitates portability of the recorder by eliminating the need for external devices. The SIR-1000i recorder provides 16 analog channels at 20 kHz, each with a selectable ICPinput--the number of analog channels is expandable to 32 at 20 kHz or 128 at 5 kHz via SCX expansion units. For ICP operation, the recorder provides input ranges of ±0.1V and ±0.2V.


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