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Electronic Design

DC Supplies Add Features, Trim Price

Expanding the company’s line of single-output, linear-regulated dc power supplies is the 9150 series, providing four models with varying voltage and current levels in the 500W range. All models are programmable via USB or RS-232 using standard SCPI commands and allegedly deliver clean, reliable power with high resolution and accuracy. The units feature a digital port with external triggering and remote-inhibit functionality, 5-1/2 digit voltmeter, milliOhm meter supporting four-wire measurements, and fan-speed control. Additionally, application software supports front panel emulation and allows users to generate simple test sequences without the need to write source code. Models 9151, 9152, and 9153 are priced at $1,725 and the 9150 costs $1,825.

B&K PRECISION CORP., Yorba Linda, CA. (714) 921-9095.

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