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DDS Function Generator Family Adds Stable Sibling

Enlarging the B8000FD series dual output DDS function generators, the dual-output Model B8040FD specifies a stability performance of 40 ppm long term and 1 ppm short term and a harmonic distortion of less than -54 dBc (sine wave). Offering a 1µ Hz to 40 MHz bandwidth, the instrument generates waveforms including sine, square, pulse, triangle, and ramp. It also provides AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, and PSK modulation plus bursts up to 65,535 of all internal waveforms. Frequency range is 1µHz to 40MHz for sine waves, up to 5MHz for square waves, and up to 1 MHz for all other waveforms. In addition, it includes a 100-MHz frequency counter and an RS-232 interface. Price is $778. PROTEK TEST AND MEASUREMENT, Englewood, NJ. (201) 227-1161.


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