Electronic Design

Dedicated Waveform Digitizers Simplify Data Conversion

Making data conversion less complex, less time consuming, and less expensive is the bailiwick of a new line of off-the-shelf waveform digitizer cards. These cards take advantage of the latest proprietary waveform digitizer chips for amplification, interleaving, analog-to-digital conversion, trigger and clock distribution, and memory addressing. Supplied in a PCI package, they particularly suit OEM applications and government markets. They support applications in which customers need to acquire a signal and quickly analyze results, sometimes even on-the-fly. Both 8- and 12-bit designs are available with sampling rates from 500 Msamples/s to 4 Gsamples/s and bandwidth up to 1 GHz. The waveform digitizer cards range from $3990 to $14,990, depending on sampling rate, bandwidth, and the number of channels. A variety of memory options is also available.

Acqiris USA
www.acqiris.com; (845) 782-6544

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