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Wireless Systems Design

Design And Test Share Common Platform


Recently, Elanix, Inc. integrated the Tektronix TekVISA interface with its SystemView environment. As a result, test engineers will now be able to effectively design, develop, and verify design models within one common environment. This is a significant development, as test engineers can now easily compare their lab results with the design engineer's intended design. This comparison can be done using a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to represent data from either the simulation or the oscilloscope.

As part of this integration, support for a variety of Tektronix oscilloscopes is being offered. These include the TDS5000 Series, TDS6000 Series, TDS/CSA7000 Series, and the TDS/CSA8000B Series. Each of these oscilloscopes is capable of passing data to and receiving data from the SystemView tool. During this time, the oscilloscope can remain in the lab. The design engineer therefore gains access to the oscilloscope data anywhere on the network. The SystemView application also can be active on the oscilloscope. This feature works to promote a design, test, and verification environment that's centralized in one single location.

The interface, known as SVU TekVISA, is now available through the base package of SystemView.

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