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Differential Probe Pushes Bandwidth Beyond 3.5 GHz

According to its maker, the 5-GHz P7350 is the only available differential probe with bandwidth reaching past the 3.5-GHz barrier. It meets stringent requirements for accurately measuring signals at data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/s, such as those found in RapidIO. Also, it offers rise times guaranteed at under 100 ps. This feature, in addition to low loading, matches the P7350 well to the challenges of compliance testing and design validation. Differential input capacitance is typically less than 0.3 pF, minimizing loading and distortion of high-speed signals. The probe is compatible with the TDS6000, TDS7000, and CSA7000 series oscilloscopes. Shielding goes all the way to the probe tip. It's fully integrated into the measurement system via the patented TekConnect interface, enabling a high-fidelity path to the acquisition system. The P7350's flexible "browsing" configuration requires no solder-in probing adapters. Variable spacing and solder-in capabilities enhance its usability. Available now, the P7350 differential probe costs $7995 each.

Tektronix Inc.
www.tektronix.com; (800) 426-2200

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