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Digitizers Deliver 1-GHz Bandwidths, 4-Gsample/s Rates On CompactPCI Cards

Using advanced silicon-germanium (SiGe) biCMOS technology, the V-Class DC series of digitizer cards offers 1-GHz bandwidths, sampling rates to 4 Gsamples/s, and memory depths up to 32 Mpoints (512 kpoints standard). One-, two-, and four-channel models are available (the DC211, DC241, and DC271, respectively).

The instruments come in a one-slot, 6U CompactPCI format. Power consumption is typically less than 40 W. By including an interface or processor card, an eight-slot CompactPCI crate can hold a 28-channel system.

The modules' precision timing system supplies accuracy and stability better than ±2 ppm. De-signed for multichannel applications, the cards use the proprietary ASBus system. The ASBus lets modules within the same crate be synchronized to one sample clock. It also distributes a common trigger. Special analog and digital front-panel control lines support advanced functions, like clock and reference signal inputs, trigger output, and acquisition gating.

Users can transfer data recorded by the digitizers directly to a host PC at sustained rates of 100 Mbytes/s. For control purposes, Windows-based software allows adjustment of key acquisition settings, such as time base, trigger, and sensitivity. Users also have control over input impedance, coupling, gain, and offset.

The DC211 costs $9990, the DC241 $12,990, and the DC271 $14,990. Optional 32-Mpoint memories range from $6990 for the DC211 to $8990 for the DC271. All three units are available now.

Acqiris USA, www.acqiris.com; (877) 227-4747.

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