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Disposable Temperature Probes Perform Continuous Monitoring

Disposable Temperature Probes Perform Continuous Monitoring

The 4400 Series disposable medical temperature probes for continuous patient monitoring applications are available in multiple styles, each individually packaged in a sterile pouch with a three-year shelf-life. They are FDA registered and CE/MDD marked for global sales and include multi-language instructions Applications include esophageal temperature measurement (4491, 4492), rectal temperature monitoring (4491, 4492), skin temperature monitoring (4499 with tempheart), esophageal temperature and monitoring heart sounds (4412, 4418, 4424), and urinary drainage and bladder temperature (4464, 4466, 4468). A Molex-style connector system is standard and a reusable adaptor cable (4940) provides connection to instruments via phone plugs. MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES INC., Hampton VA. (800) 745-8008.

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