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Dissolved Oxygen Meters Suit Numerous Apps

Dissolved Oxygen Meters Suit Numerous Apps

Suitable for monitoring food processes, oxygen levels in water bodies, or measuring the BOD of drinking water, the company’s dissolved oxygen meters combine accuracy with simplicity of operation and portability. All models feature a rugged, fast-response, and easy-to-maintain, replaceable, polarographic oxygen probe that fits standard BOD bottles. The DOB-210 analog meters display results between 0% to 120% saturation and 0 to 15 ppm simultaneously with accuracies of ±2% saturation and ±0.2 ppm, respectively. Temperature reading is standard on all models. Similar to the analog units, the DOB-215 digital dissolved oxygen meter features a 3.5-digit LCD display. Results are displayed over the 0 to 20 ppm range with ±0.1-ppm accuracy. Prices start at  $402. OMEGA ENGINEERING INC., Stamford, CT. (800) 872-9436.


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