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Driver Software Lets DMM Digitize 1.8 Msamples/s

High-voltage isolated 6.5-digit multimeter demonstrates the power of virtual instrumentation.

Engineers can operate National Instruments' 6.5-digit FlexDMM digital multimeter (DMM) as a 1.8-Msample/s high-voltage digitizer and accelerate measurement speed by 100% using the DMM2.1 driver software. Designed for NI's PXI-4070 FlexDMM, it can acquire ac- and dc-coupled waveforms up to 300 V (425 V ac peak).

By combining NI's LabView software with the FlexDMM's isolated digitizer mode, engineers can analyze transients, flyback signals, and other nonrepetitive high-voltage ac waveforms in the time and frequency domains. Productivity is improved by using the DMM2.1 simulation mode to create test applications without the FlexDMM hardware in the test configuration. The software provides external calibration procedures and functions for fully calibrating the FlexDMM in onsite calibration and metrology facilities.

DMM2.1 driver software, which ships with the FlexDMM, is optimized for use in NI's LabView, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, and Visual C++. Engineers can measure thousands of channels consisting of voltages, thermocouples, and resistance-temperature detectors (RTDs) by seamlessly integrating the FlexDMM with NI's switches and Switch Executive switch-management software.

FlexDMM users can download and install DMM2.1 as a free upgrade at The PXI 4070 FlexDMM, priced at $1995, is available within 10 days.

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