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DSL Protocol Analyzer Operates In-Line On Copper Loop

Entering the market as the first in-line DSL protocol analyzer, the DSLscope evaluates and decodes the data running inside DSL copper loop connections. The instrument records all traffic between the DSLAM and CPE transparently, records raw ATM cells, and reconstructs the AAL5 packets. TCP/IP, PPP and all major DSL encapsulation configurations are supported, as well as ADSL ITU 992.X Annex A, with Annex B, G.shdsl and VDSL under development. The analyzer connects to a PC via its 10 Base-T Ethernet interface. Interface adapter cards plug into the analyzerÕs chassis, and the embedded processor cards feature a communications controller, ROM, RAM and flash memory. A user-friendly, protocol analysis GUI runs on the recording PC, as also does a configuration and status GUI. Price for the DSLscope is $29,950, with delivery times running two to four weeks. For more details, contact BROADFRAME CORP., Austin, TX. (512) 373-4225.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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