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DSO And SDA Sample At A Torrid Pace

Tapping the company's WaveMaster digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) technology, the four-channel Model 8620A DSO and 6020 serial data analyzer (SDA) are both capable of real-time sampling rates of 20 Gsamples/s on each channel. The instruments feature a 6-GHz bandwidth, 75-ps rise time, and a memory capacity up to 48 million points per channel. The 8620A allows users to create custom measurements or waveform math functions and insert them into the DSO's user interface. A visual basic script, MATLAB, MATHCAD, or Excel function can be written and integrated into the scope's processing chain without having to run a different program, establish remote communication between the DSO and another program, create a reference waveform, or transfer large data files between the DSO and another program. Model 6020 is designed for evaluating the physical layer characteristics of both optical and electrical serial data signals including Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, IEEE 1394, and SONET/SDH up to 3.5 Gb/s. With a range of application-specific measurement capabilities, the analyzer can conduct measurements, such as eye pattern, jitter and bit error rate. Other features common to both instruments include a clock accuracy of 1 ppm, sample rate and delay time accuracy of better than 1 ppm for a ten second interval, and a trigger jitter of less than 2.5 ps. Options include an internal printer, a removable hard drive, and a number of software packages and accessories. Prices for Model 8620A and 6020 start at $69,500 and $77,500, respectively. LECROY CORP., Chestnut Ridge, NY. (800) 453-2769.


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