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DSO Option Expands Bandwidth, Lowers Noise

Combining the Infiniium 54855A digital-storage oscilloscope, 1134A InfiniiMax probe amplifier, and E2677A solder-in differential probe head, the enhanced bandwidth (EBW) option forms a system that is capable of performing real-time, high-impedance measurements up to 7 GHz. The option also reduces overall measurement system noise by lowering the oscilloscope's bandwidth for improved accuracy and repeatability. Proprietary digital signal processing techniques allow users to take advantage of the fundamental trade-off between bandwidth and system noise to optimize the measurement capability of the oscilloscope for specific measurements. The EBW option is priced at $5,000. For further information, call AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 429-4444, ext. 7890.


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