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DSOs Infiltrate Low-Cost Market

Notorious for high-end, precision digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs), the company accommodates lower-cost applications with the 2- and 4-channel WaveSurfer series DSOs that provide bandwidths of 200, 350, and 500 MHz. Six models in the series feature a maximum sample rate of 2 Gsamples/s and a 250-ms capture time at the full sample rate. Other shared features include a 10.4" SVGA touchscreen, USB and 10/100 Base-T connectivity, and trigger functions that include edge, line, glitch, pulse width, logic, and video triggers. The 4-channel 454, 434, and 424 are 500, 350, and 200 MHz models, respectively, with 250 Kpoints of memory per channel. They include four 1 Gsample/s a/d converters that interleave to 2 Gsamples/s and 500 Kpoints when employing two channels. Their 2-channel counterparts, the 452, 432, and 422, provide a 1 Gsample/s a/d converter, which similarly interleaves to the sample rate and memory. Prices range from $4,190 (200-MHz 422) to $8,490 (500-MHz 454). LECROY CORP., Chestnut Ridge, NY. (800) 453-2769.


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