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DSOs Invade Upper Mid Markets

Targeting the daily-use benchtop market, the WaveRunner 6000 series digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) includes five models that cover a bandwidth from 350 MHz to 2 GHz. With the exception of the 6030, each scope in the series has a 5 Gsample/s, real-time a/d converter that can be interleaved to 10 Gsamples/s across two channels on the 1 GHz 6100 and 2 GHz 6200 DSOs. A feature common to all 6000 series scopes is a 8.4" color touchscreen, 1 Mpoint of memory per channel, and a 5 ppm clock stability. The four-channel, 2-GHz 6200 is priced at $25,999 and the 1-GHz 6100 with four channels costs $15,990. The 6050 is a 500-MHz, single-channel scope priced at $10,990, available with two channels as the WaveRunner 6051. And the 350-MHz 6030 provides a 2 Gsample/s sampling rate and four channels at a price of $7,490. LECROY, Chestnut Ridge, NY. (800) 453-2769.

Company: LECROY

Product URL: Click here for more information

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