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EJTAG Emulators For MIPS CPUs Pass 3-Mbyte/s Download Speeds

Support for the new MIPS-based emulator from Corelis now includes the Turbo Scan Engine, which was developed for very high-speed boundary-scan applications. The engine can download code at over 3 Mbytes/s. It delivers scan vectors at 100% clock efficiency and with sustained test-clock (TCK) frequencies up to 80 MHz. It combines the resources gained through boundary-scan test and ISP with EJTAG-based emulation. The emulators use the IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG) standard test access port to access the internal debug resources available from within the MIPS-based processor cores. MIPS-based emulators utilizing the PCI-1149.1/Turbo System are available from stock. Prices start at $6950.

Corelis Inc.
www.corelis.com; (562) 926-6727

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