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EMC Test System Takes Aim At Low Frequency Devices

Designed to verify the EMC compliance of any equipment that draws power from the ac power line, the ProfLine 2100 tests devices such as VCRs, radios, computers, and medical lab equipment. It can also test devices requiring 3-phase power without requiring a separate test for each phase. Designed for compliance testing of equipment up to 30 kVA, the product is suited for test houses requiring high productivity tools for compliance and pre-compliance testing, and manufacturers requiring ac test tools for in-house certification and product development.
The unit delivers a clean, 60-Hz sine wave power current. The equipment being tested distorts the sine wave and an analysis of that distortion tells the operator if the equipment under test is EMC compliant. Windows-based operation speeds set-up, analysis, and reporting. Pricing starts at $22,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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