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EMF Simulator Automates Integrity Analysis

In addition to being an electromagnetic field (EMF) simulator, SIwave v2 software provides automated power and signal-integrity analysis for high-performance IC packages, PCBs, and systems. The application relies on a proprietary full-wave, finite-element technique that allows users to characterize simultaneous switching noise, inter-symbol interference, power and ground bounce, resonances, reflections, and coupling between traces and power/ground planes. It also integrates with industry-standard layout tools such as Cadence's Allegro and APD, and Encore from Synopsys. Other features include power-plane impedance, signal net analysis including coupled transmission lines, SPICE export, automated geometry cleanup, unlimited undo/redo, interpolating fast frequency sweep, decoupling-capacitor model library with over 1,200 components, and a frequency-dependent model for dielectric materials. ANSOFT CORP., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 261-3200.


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