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Emulation Solution Supports Established Microcontroller Families

The USP-51A emulator, with the company's new POD51RX2 and POD51U2 plug-in modules, fully supports and emulates TEMIC TS8xC51RA2, RB2, RC2, RD2, and U2 microcontroller devices in targets at a maximum clock speed of 60 MHz. The PODs are small modules that plug directly into the user's 40-pin DIL, 44-PLCC and 68-PLCC sockets. OFP footprints are supported with optional socket adapters.
The POD uses a standard TS80C51RD2 or U2 device for emulation and allows switching between internal and external clocks and power sources via software control. Both PODs support debugging of target power-up and -down sequences.
Pricing for the POD51RX2 and POD51U2 starts at $1395.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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