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Emulator Support Added For ARM9 Microprocessor Family

The JEENI emulator for the ARM family of microprocessors and cores has added ARM9 support. The JEENI (JTAG EmbeddedICE Ethernet Interface) now supports ARM7, 710T, 720T, 920T and 940T devices. JEENI provides features that will allow ARM9 customers to shorten their product development cycles, including complete non-intrusive control of the processors and target system. It communicates with the ARM CPU core using ARM's JATG-based EmbeddedICE macrocells. It uses no target memory and requires no porting to the target system. The CCE-ARM software toolkit provides a complete software development package that complements the features of the JEENI and allows debugging of optimized code. It supports all ARM6, ARM7, ARM8, ARM9 and StrongARM architectures.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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