Extended-Range Spectrum Analyzer Sheds External Harmonic Mixers

Extended-Range Spectrum Analyzer Sheds External Harmonic Mixers

The latest FSW signal and spectrum analyser from Rohde & Schwarz covers a frequency range of 2 Hz to 67 GHz in a single sweep. The FSW67 includes an integrated preamplifier up to 67 GHz and an analysis bandwidth as high as 320 MHz.

The high-end instrument helps simplify test setups by removing external harmonic mixers and their complex cabling. Image frequencies and other spurious emissions caused by harmonic mixing are suppressed. Thanks to the instrument’s extended bandwidth, there’s no need for complicated test setups consisting of a digital oscilloscope and a downconverter to measure wideband, hopping, and chirp signals.

Featuring a phase noise of -111 dBc (Hz) at 10-kHz offset from the carrier at 67 GHz, the analyzer offers a high dynamic range even for measurements close to the carrier. The integrated multistandard radio analyzer (MSRA) measures spectrum and modulation parameters of signals with different modulations simultaneously, and correlates these signals in time. With the MSRA function, users can analyze how different signals affect each other.

Since the FSW67 now covers the 60-GHz band, it can be used during the development and testing of transmitters and components for radar applications, satellite, and military communications systems. Other applications will involve fast wireless communications, such as WiGig (IEEE 802.11ad) or WirelessHD.


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