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Eye Pattern Analyzer Fits In Portable Package

With two electrical channel inputs of 25-GHz bandwidth each, the MP1026P Eye Pattern Analyzer makes physical layer (PHY) eye pattern, pulse pattern, and mask compliance testing for rates from 0.1 to 12.5 Gbits/s in a handheld, rugged, battery-powered instrument. The Bit Master also performs accurate statistical jitter measurements, which are used to fine-tune, verify, and troubleshoot transmitter performance, especially the outputs of SFP/XFP modules. The instrument is only 12" x 8" x 3" and weighs 9 lbs. including battery. It has a low jitter of 1 ps rms and electrical noise of 1 mV rms, typical. Sampling rate is up to 100 ksample/s. Whether users choose from standard compliance masks or user-defined masks, the simple setups and keystrokes ensure repeatable measurements and increase productivity with easy-to-interpret pass/fail indicators. For SFP/XFP modules with optical interfaces, the Bit Master can be configured with an optional internal clock recovery unit and external O/E module for compliance testing. Other features include 256 MB of compact flash, an Ethernet connection, and USB 2.0 connectivity to archive setups, update firmware, and transfer results using the company’s PC-based Master Software Tools. Remote programming of repetitive tasks is possible via the Ethernet connections. The Bit Master MP1026A starts at $19,950. Delivery is in 12 weeks for the first three months, and three to four weeks after that. ANRITSU CO., Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 778-2000.

Company: ANRITSU CO.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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