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FEA Software Unlocks Door To Low-Cost License Flexibility

Engineers seeking an advanced solution for finite element analysis can look to Abaqus/Foundation. The software tool provides full access to the linear static and dynamic analysis functionality of Abaqus/Standard, the company's flagship advanced finite-element-analysis (FEA) software, at a reduced cost. Abaqus/Foundation delivers functionality at a lower cost per job than for nonlinear analysis. The Abaqus Version 6.3 license management system allows customers to access all analysis products in the Abaqus suite from a single pool of license tokens. The tool is available for Windows, Linux, HP, SGI, IBM, and Sun operating systems. The typical cost for an initial commercial seat of Abaqus is about $20,000 on a yearly basis, including software enhancements and technical support.

Abaqus Inc.
www.abaqus.com; (401) 727-4200

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