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Flexible Data Acquisition Packages Feature 400-Msample/s Digitizer Card

Two new models in the Cougar series of multi-channel data acquisition systems utilize 12-bit, 400-Msample/s waveform digitizer technology to provide a complete, flexible solution in a single package. The Cougar 3400-4 and 3400-2 series units greatly reduce test times in production test and lab environments. These units consist of a modular digitizer package housed in a compact 6U CompactPCI three-slot crate and a 100-Mbyte/s interface that connects directly to any PCI slot of a Pentium-based PC. The units also provide one or more 12-bit CompactPCI digitizer cards and powerful software drivers. Both are built on the DC440 dual-channel waveform digitizer card to measure signals up to 300 MHz. The 3400-2 includes one DC440 for dual-channel recording, and the 3400-4 has two DC440s for quad-channel applications. Pricing starts at $17,900 for the Cougar3400-2.

Acqiris USA
www.acqiris.com; (845) 782-6544

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