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Four-Port RF Component Analyzer Whisks Away With 5-ms/Point Sweep

Unleashing a 5-ms/point sweep speed, Advantest America's R3860A 20-GHz RF component analyzer targets RF hybrid modules and multiport devices. It's equipped with four receiver ports, and its 125-dB dynamic range at 8 GHz suits it for evaluating multifunction modules at fast sweep speeds. Trace noise is rated at 0.0025 dB rms.

The R3860A's lower-frequency range goes down to 300 kHz, not just 10 or 40 MHz. It provides 20-GHz calibration and uses Advantest's AutoCal modules for automated calibration over the entire frequency range for the instrument's two-, three-, and four-port versions. Separate internal receive and stimulus sources allow the analyzer to accurately measure harmonic and frequency converting devices.

Advantest's proprietary Windows-based WMT architecture provides 16 independent sweep channels. With its 12.1-in. SVGA TFT LCD, measurement windows can be divided into as many as 16 split windows. The R3860A's base configuration, available in a two-port 8-GHz model, costs $49,200 and is available within six weeks.

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