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Front Panel Design App Supports Popular OS

Front Panel Design App Supports Popular OS

The latest version of  Front Panel Designer, a free-of-charge design application, can now run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Additionally, the company was able to reduce its standard manufacturing lead time from seven to five days. Front Panel Express version 4.0 has simplified and sped up the process of custom file imports by incorporating a simple DXF file import feature. The import of DXF files makes the design of exterior and interior contours possible without restrictions, which means that the design of front panels is not limited to simple geometric shapes. Front Panel Express employs an automated process to machine user designs with CNC technology on aluminum panels, plastic panels, or on custom material. Additionally, users can see an immediate price quote for their custom designs. The application is downloadable from the company’s website. Front Panel Express LLC., Seattle, WA. (206) 768-0602.


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