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Function Generator Boasts Of High Amplitude Outputs

Offering frequency sweep, chirp, FSK and BPSK programmable functions, the Model 2904A precision DDS function generator outputs sine, cosine and TTL signals simultaneously, with sine and cosine output amplitudes programmable with 12 bits of resolution for up to 24 dBm (10VPP into 50 hertz) of output power. Output frequency is programmable from 1 Hz to 10 MHz in 1 µHz steps for 48 bits of frequency resolution. And phases can be controlled to 14 bits of resolution. The tabletop instrument packs a TCXO with ±1 ppm accuracy, but a customer-supplied external frequency input between 5 and 300 MHz can be substituted for the TCXO. Other features include menu-driven Windows software, an RS-232 serial interface, and an optional USB adapter. The 2904A is priced at $1,295. For more details, contact Steven Swift at NOVATECH INSTRUMENTS INC., Seattle, WA. (206) 301-8986.


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