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Functional Test Solution Evaluates New MIMO Wi-Fi Products

The Azimuth MIMO Function Test solution enables Wi-Fi vendors to test their Draft 802.11n-based products for interoperability, performance, standards conformance, and backward compatibility. Although the standard is still in draft form, vendors are already testing, and even introducing, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Wi-Fi products. The MIMO

Functional Test system is built on Azimuth’s existing W-Series platform. The new test solution allows vendors to evaluate maximum MIMO throughput performance, which is the fastest throughput rate of a client and access point. This provides a benchmark for interoperability and backward-compatibility tests. The system also tests MIMO interoperability, the ability of a client or access point to work with other MIMO-based products. Finally, backward-compatibility testing checks a new product’s ability to operate with legacy IEEE 802.11a/b/g devices and assesses the performance impact in Wi-Fi installed-based environments.

The W-Series on which the MIMO Functional Test solution runs leverages the company’s patented SmartMotion technology to emulate devices in motion, the testMAC technology to emulate "golden" client of infrastructure devices, and the Real2Real architecture, which incorporates system testing of actual products.

New customers may purchase a W-Series bundle specific to running these tests. The bundle is available immediately. Fully automated versions of the basic functional test plans will ship in 3Q 2006.

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