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GbE Data Recorder Handles Data Rates Up To 500 MB/s

GbE Data Recorder Handles Data Rates Up To 500 MB/s

A fixed-featured, off-the-shelf multi-channel Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) streaming data recorder system for sensor-to-processor streaming data apps, the Vortex SDRxE pairs a 3U controller with a scalable storage subsystem. The rack-mount unit records up to four channels of GbE data at 125 MB/s per channel, 500 MB/s aggregate. Providing unique storage control and retrieval access features via a simple interface, captured GbE data is striped across multiple FC disks in an SBOD for uninterrupted recording. Vortex storage technology by-passes the file system, providing control over storage while enabling fast data access via FC from other computers. Additionally, the Vortex graphical user interface is reportedly fast to learn and easy to setup. Other recorder features include timestamp of each data frame. For price, call Matt Young, at
Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems, Fairborn, OH. (937) 252-5601, ext. 1363.
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