Electronic Design

GPGPU Imaging Toolkit Reduces Development Drama

Mercury Computer Systems’ Imaging Toolkit touts breakthrough capabilities for electro-optical, infrared (EO/IR), hyperspectral, and radar-imaging application development. Said to be the first to leverage the performance power of general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs), the kit helps developers lower the total cost of development. The Imaging Toolkit provides a layer of abstraction between the application and the GPGPU code, insulating developers from the GPGPU implementation details. It employs algorithms that include imaging functions specifically designed to support high-bandwidth data streams from multiple sensors. These are optimized to take full advantage of parallel multi-core processing while minimizing data latency, lowering risk, and allowing developers to focus on their application development. MERCURY COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC., Chelmsford, MA. (866) 627-6951.

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