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GPS Disciplined Frequency Reference Units Provide Stability

Both the 910 and 910R global positioning system (GPS) disciplined frequency reference units provide timing reference signals with what's claimed as exceptional stability over the long, medium and short terms. Both products offer traceability by means of internal measurement and data logging of frequency offset against the signals received from the GPS network. Fundamental stability of the frequency references is achieved through the use of an OXCO in the 910 and by a Rubidium oscillator in the 910R model. These features offer intrinsic short-term frequency stability of 3 x 10-12 or 5 x 10--12/sup> , respectively.
The devices take advantage of the Cesium-based timing information transmitted by the 24 GPS satellites encircling the globe. This instantaneous information is used to condition or calibrate the internal frequency reference as well as to improve its long-term stability. The frequency reference units are priced at $4,495 for the Model 910 and at $8,995 for the 910R.

Company: FLUKE CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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