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GPS Time/Frequency Standard Is Traceable To Highest Levels

Traceability to the highest international levels is featured in the Quartzlock Model 8 GPS frequency standard. The instrument is claimed to offer features that surpass the specifications of competitive equipment. These include high-stability quartz and rubidium options and low distortion sinewave and HCMOS TTL-compatible outputs. Units are available in benchtop, rack-mount and Euro cassette form factors.The units use carrier phase GPS tracking techniques and achieve accuracy levels that are said to be far higher than that of competing units. For example, stability is 5 x 10-14 for 3 days and for 33 days. Supporting international reference standards are NPL, BIPM, UTC and USNO, making the unit suitable for worldwide use. And it offers high immunity to propagation and exhibits no ground-wave effect. It’s portable and can replace Cesium standards. Applications include network synchronization and accurate referencing of test bench instruments.


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