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GTEM Cells Offer Affordable EMC Test Packages

The company's new GTEM test cells claim to offer a low-cost alternative to open-site and anechoic chamber testing for compliance with radiated electromagnetic compatibility standards. GTEM 'Lite' is a self-contained test chamber for immunity tests up to 5 GHz and emissions tests up to 2 GHz. The cells can incorporate the company's Windows-based automation, control and reporting software to create a complete, laboratory-based EMC test system.
Smaller cells, up to 550-mm septum height, are intended for testing small, battery powered devices. Rear access to the equipment under test is claimed to make setup and user adjustments between tests fast and easy. The cells are available in 350-, 550- and 950-mm septum heights. Also, 10-A power filters are supplied as standard with each cell and data ports are optional. A range of accessories is also available.


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