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Handbook Provides The Fundamentals Of Switching In Test Systems

Most test systems today require switching to reconfigure the test setup to make multiple different tests and measurements. This isn’t something you learn in school. Fortunately, Keithley Instruments’ Switching Handbook: A Guide to Signal Switching in Automated Test Systems consists of up to 180 pages of practical tutorial information on how to set up and optimize switching test systems (see the figure).

The handbook is divided into seven sections covering topics like switching functions and switching components, issues in switch system design, switch configurations by signal type, and applications. It also has three appendices, a glossary of terms, switch card and switch module selector guides, and safety considerations. To get your free copy, go to www.ggcomm.com/Keithley/May08PR_SwitchingHandbook6.html or call 888-KEITHLEY.

Keithley Instruments Inc.


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