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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Elevates Range And Sensitivity

The MS2711D Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzer comes with a built-in LCD screen. The 4.9-lb instrument improves sweep speed, and its built-in pre-amp increases its sensitivity and dynamic range. With a −135-dBm noise floor and a 100-kHz to 3-GHz range, it's well suited for testing wireless systems.

Full-span sweeps from 9 kHz to 3 GHz can be performed in 1.1 seconds, while the sweep speed in zero span can be set from 50 µs up to 20 seconds. The high sweep speed lets users capture intermittent interference signals with an amplitude accuracy within ±0.5 dB. The analyzer's AM/FM/SSB demodulator further improves a user's ability to identify interfering signals.

The analyzer can tolerate input signals of up to 43 dBm without any damage, ensuring operation in the harshest environments. A dynamic attenuation feature tracks the input signal level and automatically adjusts the attenuation level to protect the instrument in the presence of high RF signal levels. It also enhances the MS2711D's sensitivity in applications with low-level RF input signals.

A multilingual user interface simplifies key measurements—field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power ratio, carrier-to-interference ratio, and interference analysis—with a single button. A full range of marker functions, including peak, center, and delta, is available. The analyzer can be equipped with limit lines for quick pass/fail measurements.

The MS211D comes with a rechargeable/field-replaceable battery, an ac-dc power supply, and a 12.5-V auto cigarette-lighter adapter. It's priced from $6350 with a delivery time of four to eight weeks.

Anritsu Co.

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