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Handheld VNA Covers Frequencies Up To 20 GHz

Handheld VNA Covers Frequencies Up To 20 GHz

Offering features and performance more common to benchtop units, the MS202xC/ MS203xC VNA Master series handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs) feature a frequency range of 5 kHz up to 20 GHz. Four models, the MS202xC vector network analyzers and MS203xC combination vector network/spectrum analyzers, are available. They are two-port, full-reversing analyzers with the ability to conduct many common measurements that currently require a laboratory grade VNA, scalar analyzer, vector voltmeter, power meter, and spectrum analyzer. They rely on smart software, optimized for installation and maintenance applications including cable and antenna analysis, transmission measurements, phase matching cables, interference hunting, and general-purpose spectrum analysis. Shared features include 12-term error correction algorithms, S-parameter performance 10 times more accurate than scalar measurement results, 100 dB of dynamic range, and an enhanced optional time domain capability. The time-domain option has readouts with gating and low-pass processing features to address antenna range and material measurements. The MS202xC/MS203xC VNA Master series carry a starting price of $17,450. ANRITSU COMPANY, Morgan Hill, CA. (800) 267-4878.

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