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High-Res, 300-MHz Scopes Come In Multiple Form Factors

Three new series of high-resolution, 300-MHz-bandwidth oscilloscopes are offered in PCI, PXI, VXI and LXI form factors. The ZT4420 (12-bit), ZT4430 (13-bit), and ZT4440 (14-bit) series of oscilloscopes are claimed as the fastest sampling oscilloscopes or digitizers available in PCI, PXI, VXI and LXI at these levels of ADC resolution. All instruments offer 128 Msamples of acquisition memory on each input channel. The instruments can be interleaved for 256 Msamples maximum acquisition length on one half the channels. The ZT4440 series has 14-bit ADC resolution and a maximum real-time sampling rate of 400 Msamples/s per channel, or 800 Msamples/s max when interleaved. The ZT4430 series has 13-bit ADC resolution and a maximum real-time sampling rate of 250 MS/s per channel, or 500 Msamples/s max when interleaved. Finally, the ZT4420 series has 12-bit ADC resolution and a maximum real-time sampling rate of 500 Msamples/s per channel, or 1 Gsample/s max when interleaved. The scopes are available in dual-channel models (ZT44x1 PCI, PXI, VXI and LXI) and in four-channel models (ZT44x2 VXI and LXI only). Prices for the ZT4420, ZT4430, and ZT4440 series start at $5,995. ZTEC INSTRUMENTS INC., Albuquerque, NM. (505) 342-0132.


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