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High-Resolution Sensor Measures Acceleration In Auto Testing Applications

The Series 3713 high-sensitivity, MEMS dc (steady-state) response accelerometer is designed to measure accelerations in a range of automotive and off-highway testing applications. The sensor, from the Vibration Div. of PCB Piezotronics, is gas-damped and provides a micro g resolution and ±5000-g peak (49,033-m/s2) shock survivability. Several full-scale acceleration ranges are available, from 3 to 200 g, with a frequency response from dc to 1500 Hz(±10%). Built-in conditioning electronics supply amplification to the sensing elements and a temperature-compensated output. The footprint for the device is a 1-in. cube in a welded titanium case, with a choice of either a hermetic connector or an integral cable. Suitable applications include brake deceleration compliance certification, durability testing of vehicle radiators and air coolers, roll stiffness/static rollover threshold tests, vehicle and component test chamber instrumentation, and NVH and multi-axis motion test platforms. Check with the company for price and availability. For further information, go to

TAGS: Automotive
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