Electronic Design

High-Voltage Source-Measure Module Performs In ATE Environments

The Model SM120 high-voltage source-measure module tests dc-dc converters, op amps, and semiconductor devices in an ATE environment. Fully programmable, it sources and measures voltage or current simultaneously, from 50 µV to 120 V, and from 30 fA to 100 mA. Source voltage and source current settle to specified accuracy in as little as 500 µs. Programmable delay and integrating measurement capability provide coordinated source-measure times of 1 ms. Four operating modes are offered: dc, step, pulse, and sweep. With a basic 0.05% accuracy, the module offers 1000 source/measurements/s at 4-2/3 digits. It comes with LabWindows CVI Plug & Play software drivers. SCPI commands can be used in simple test-program development. The module costs $7695.

Interface Technology Inc. www.interfacetech.com; (909) 595-6030

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