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ICE Supports New Dallas Semiconductor Microcontrollers

Targetting complex projects, the iceMASTER-8051-SF in-circuit emulator supports Dallas Semiconductor's new DS87C390 and DS87C550 µCs. Real-time transparent emulation is provided up to 40 MHz, thereby covering the maximum frequencies of the DS87C390 and DS87C550 that are 33 and 40 MHz, respectively.The module includes features such as bank switching, 1 MB of emulation memory, a 64K trace, and a time stamp. A command window allows users to create macro-like routines for repetitive testing. Other features include an elapsed timer and two pass-count/delay timers.The module will support nearly all of the company's probe cards, existing and future. More than 50 devices are supported by these probe cards, including devices from Intel, Philips, Dallas Semiconductor, Temic, Siemens, and others.Control is via the same Windows-based host interface used in the company's other emulators.


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