Electronic Design

Imaging System Speeds Wafer Probing

Designers doing process development or device characterization and modeling can use Cascade Microtech's eVue digital imaging system to navigate, observe, and measure their devices more quickly and effectively than they could with a conventional microscope. Optimized for on-wafer test with the company's wafer probing stations, the system combines advanced navigation tools and video processing with next-generation digital microscope technology.

The core of the system is a multi-CCD microscope with high-definition digital video and wide-field, high-magnification capabilities. Three discrete optical paths, each with high-resolution CCD cameras, can be used to provide a state-of-the-art multiperspective view of the device under test.

The Pro Package version's software adds powerful automation and productivity capabilities to the probe station. The Multi-Cam mode offers up to three simultaneous live video views. The Multi-View mode accelerates probe-card alignment and the viewing of multiple test devices. And, the Multi-Z mode provides microscope autofocus, optical height sensing, and wafer profiling.

The eVue digital imaging system starts at $18,999. The Pro Package version starts at $33,999. Delivery is in eight weeks.

Cascade Microtech Inc.

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