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Indicator Carries Three Setpoint Alarms

Equipped with three setpoint alarms, the model 2116i is a wide-ranging, field-configurable indicator that also includes a NEMA 4 front panel that fits into a standard 1/16 DIN cutout. The indicator can be configured to accept virtually any process variable or temperature input, including 0-10V, 4-20 mA, Platinum 100 RTD, or thermocouples. It has three alarm setpoints and one or two relay outputs.
The unit comes with 85-265 vac or 20-29 vdc power options and a digital I/O terminal that can be configured to accept an alarm input, or to provide a TTL signal or relay output. The triple setpoint alarms can be configured as high or low, latching or non-latching. They can be linked to the relay output or digital I/O terminal in any combination.


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